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Fog-lamp Switch Pinout?

I'd like to start by saying how great this list server is, and more
importantly, how great the people are who use it.  I'm fairly new to the
quattro list, and I have asked several different questions, and nearly every
time I have recieved prompt answers from several different individuals
(which is especially cool since getting the answer from several places helps
to confirm it's accuracy) and I haven't (yet) even been flamed for asking
silly questions.  So, to all those who reply and provide useful information
to those of us who are less knowledgeable: Thanks, you rule!

BTW, I discovered why the Pentosin 7.1 hydraulic fluid is known as "green
gold".  First, it's green, and second it cost me $14 for a litre of the
stuff!  Green gold indeed!

Anyway, I have another question...  I'm planning to install some fog-lamps
and some additional driving lights on my '85 5ks, which apparently had
previously had some, since there is a stock-looking switch and some holes
under the bumper.  The question is:  On the factory fog-lamp switch, (which
is a 3-position switch) there are 5 pins with the following numbers: 75h
(narrow), 58a (wide), 31 (narrow), 86N (wide), 55S (wide).  Does anyone know
what these numbers correspond to, or how I could find out?  Thanks!