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Re: fuel distributor noise(buzzing)

At 1:22 PM -0500 on 1/28/98, harrison wrote:
Ut oh.
I guess this also explains why twice within a week the car almost died(RPM
started to drop, then it dropped even further, fighting to stay
going...only by jumping into the car and flooring it did I keep it from

Then again, in both cases the car was inside a warm(50 deg or so) garage
and then immediately put outside into 20 deg. cold and left idling;  would
this cause the car to falter, or should I really look into the distributor

> It's going bad.
> Brett Dikeman wrote:
> > Is it normal for the fuel distributor to buzz loudly?  I had the hood open,
> > and was listening to the engine for anything odd, and I noticed the buzz
> > from the distributor.

Brett Dikeman
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