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Seeking Parts ID for 87 5kcstq Vacuum Check Valve

The other day I queried about a hose connection from a vacuum check valve to
Climate Control Vacuum Reservoir that appears "heat-shrinked" and have not
heard any BTDT's yet. Today I received what Linda (@ Carlsen) thought was the
correct part but it doesn't appear correct...much larger and in fact maybe a
turbo bypass valve? The part number of what I have in hand is 035 133
517...has a vacuum "trigger" and inlet and outlet hose barbs that take ~1/2"
ID hoses. If it is indeed a bypass valve I'll keep it for a later project ;-)
Can anyone confirm this?

Meanwhile, Linda can't seem to ID what I'm really after so I'm seeking
assistance from anyone who has a parts fiche (Yes, Avi...I'll get my copy from
you soon). The part I'm looking to ID is a small checkvalve that connects to
the larger vacuum hose at the end of the intake manifold. There is a Tee off
the side that feeds vacuum to the diff locks, and the outlet is this
heatshrinked looking hose barb connection which (according to Bentley) goes to
the Climate Control Vacuum reservoir via this semi-rigid hose (the one that
looks heat-shrinked...which was my orginal question...is it?).

Any help you all can give me would be much appreceated...I suppose improvising
is possible too. Meanwhile I have no diff locks and my new Climate Control
Blower only blows in defrost (default) mode. I have a family trip to the snow
planned in two weeks so time is kinda important here too. TIA

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq