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4KQ trans R&R ?s HELP!

Chris, you bring that lap-top with you I hope?


A few 4KQ trans R&R questions:

1) I've got the ol' 4KQ front up on jackstands - will this be high enough for clearance?

2) I've got the engine supported with a lift - is this required? Suggested? Don't care?

3) Trouble getting access to the engine/trans bolts on the R side - I have dropped the
    front subframe down as far as possible with the tie-rods attached - do I need to drop the
    tie-rods, remove the calipers and the top strut nuts and drop the whole schebang
    right the H_ll outtahthere to get access to remove these bolts, the slave cyl, shift linkage,
    diff-lock cable, etc????

4) Any other hints or suggestions?

5) Special brands of 'Liquid Mechanic'?