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RE: Preventative Maintenance for low mileage vehicle

i have the same 'problem' with my ur-quattro.

i believe a long run whenever you can manage it (1/week, or even
1/month) with a nice warm-up then a long-distance run (1 hour or so), is
sufficient to keep everything in good working order.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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>Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 09:12:24 -0500
>From: Sean_Ford@idx.com
>My recent change in jobs has resulted in an extreme change in commute.
>I'm now getting to work by commuter rail, and my Audi sits in a parking lot
>most of the day with it's Mon-Thur drive time being approximately 10-15
>minutes per day and Fridays it usually doesn't move at all. My '92 100 is a
>true low-mileage machine to begin with, currently at just under 34k miles,
>and it's beginning to look like it will always be a low mileage vehicle. I
>know that short trips, which do not heat up the cat enough, are extremely
>hazardous to the exhaust system in general, but are there any other
>concerns that I should be aware of, such as sensors, belts, seals, etc? I
>hate to think that I'm beating on my Audi simply because I'm not driving
>it, so I'd like to be able to perform some type of preventative maintenance
>and try to keep it in top condition. Anyone feel like offering some advice
>on this subject? I'd truly appreciate it. Thanks.