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Fog-lamp Switch Pinout?

In message <01bd2c1c$14f13360$1392728d@rosebud> "Matt Howe" writes:

> I'd like to start by saying how great this list server is, and more
> importantly, how great the people are who use it.

Yeah, yeah - we know. <blush>
> Anyway, I have another question...  I'm planning to install some fog-lamps
> and some additional driving lights on my '85 5ks, which apparently had
> previously had some, since there is a stock-looking switch and some holes
> under the bumper.  The question is:  On the factory fog-lamp switch, (which
> is a 3-position switch) there are 5 pins with the following numbers: 75h
> (narrow), 58a (wide), 31 (narrow), 86N (wide), 55S (wide).  Does anyone know
> what these numbers correspond to, or how I could find out?  Thanks!

There's a DIN standard that defines the function of _all_ such numbered 
contacts in German cars.  I think one of the listers was trying to obtain a 
copy ...
If not, I'll dig out the designations tomorrow.
Bear in mind that the list is split roughly 60:40 on the subject of loading 
Audi light switches.
60% think it is criminal insanity to add more load to a stock Audi lighting
40% think Audi is criminally insane for using such feeble switches and
    wiring for the main lighting circuits in the first place. 

If you want to add lighting watts, ya gotta add wiring and switch capacity.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club