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S4 and UrQ questions and diagnosis

Greetings everyone!  Just started reading the digest and have a few
questions that I'm hoping some of you can help me with.

Parts Help:
1) I'm planning on having the timing belt and waterpump on my '93 S4 soon.
I'm taking it to my favorite Quattro repair guy since it's a huge job, but
I'd like to save a little money on parts.  The dealers in the area have
quoted me $93 to $110 for the timing belt and $160 to $185 for the pump
plus the core.

2) I'm also going to replace the fuel injector cooling fan/blower on my '85
UrQ.  Dealer price is $321.21 to $402.

Can anyone recommend a place I can get these for less money?  Maybe one of
the advertisers in the Q-Quarterly or EC?

Diagnosis Help:
3) My UrQ has a vibration through the steering wheel that starts around 55
mph.  It is pretty bad between 55-65 mph, but dies out to just a slight
vibration above about 65.  It seems to be worse when decelerating through
that speed zone...no brakes.  Wheels were recently balanced and the
alignment seems fine.  I first noticed it after I had jacked up the car to
change the oil.  Could I have bent/broken something?  I'm not sure where I
should start checking...motor mounts, tranny mounts, control arm bushings,
ball joints, steering rack?  Someone also said it might be an
out-of-balance drive shaft causing a harmonic vibration.

4) The cruise control on my S4 does not hold speed.  When activated, I can
feel the vacuum pump kick in, but the car almost immediately starts to
bleed off speed.  I'm thinking that this is just vacuum leak.

If anyone has some hints as to what to look for before I spend time in a
non-heated garage, I'd appreciate it.

- Marc