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Re:Fog-lamp Swich Pinout?

Phil Payne wrote:

>There's a DIN standard that defines the function of _all_ such numbered
> contacts in German cars.  I think one of the listers was trying to obtain
> a copy ...

Yeah, who the hell was that guy and what's his problem, anyway?

Oh, yeah, it was.......me! 

I am waiting with exponentially decaying patience for the standards to
arrive from Beuth Verlag, who supposedly shipped them on November
17, 1997 (and billed me the same day).  By this time I could have made a
good start at learning enough German to translate them myself had I
known that the powers-that-be were going to play keep-away with them.
:-(.  I am going to wait two more days and then fire off another fax to

Phil, know any choice German epithets that might help motivate them to
move things along and/or find out definitively what happened to my
(expensive) copies of these standards?

Best Wishes,