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Callaway Turbo kit

    I understand what you are saying about the oil squirters and Sodium
filled valves and agree with your post for the most part.  BUT,
    THe compression ratio in my 4kq and your Coupe GT is 8.0:1.  Unless
you have the 130hp 1987 engine then you have a 10:1 ratio.  The MC motor
is 8.2:1 and the UR-q/5000sTurbo is 7.0:1 or 8.0:1
    THese are all right in there with the NA engine.  So the compression
shouldn't really be the issue, only the valves and oil squirters.
    Would the turbo EM bolt up to the NA head?  If so, seems doable to
me.  I would be willing to donate my engine to the cause if anyone wants
to make up a "black box" to richen the mixture. :-)  Heck, I plan on
doing an MC conversion in  2 years anyway.

Todd Phenneger
84' 4kq daily driver with new Red paint
2.5" SS Borla Exhaust, Boge Turbo Gas Struts
15" wheels and 205/50-ZR15 Bridgestone RE-71 Tires
Considering a Turbo :-)