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Re: Removing Windshield

5k windshield are a pain in the ass. The metal molding wraps around it
virtually prohibiting cutting it out with wire. In my salvage yard, we
break 9 out of 10 trying to remove them. I would like to hear about a
cheap way to successfully do this job if anyone knows.


Mark Pollan wrote:

> Hi all:
> I've decided to replace my windshield that is pitted from at least
> 175K miles of use.  I believe it was replaced before based on the way
> the adhesive is gobbed in some places and the rust on the inside of
> the pillar.  Theory that when replacing the windshield some monkeys
> scratched through the galvanization.
> Anyway, I want to pull the window myself, fix the rust spots and have
> a glass shop put a new one in.  Ant BTDTs on removing the windshield
> _without_ special VW tool XXXX?
> TIA,
> Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 245K Miles of which 175K are mine.