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Re: bypass valve presure openings

Not exactly Brendan,
The turbo DOES not overspeed (a turbo can not overspeed if there is no exh.
flow to turn the turbine), it only coasts when you let go of the pressure /
throttle, also it is NOT vented to the atmoshere, it is vented to the air
box in.
Almost every new turbo car has a bipass valve including 200 Turbo (see post
from Scott) also the 1.8 Audi has one, so you need not worry........
Bipass valve makes driving smooth a lot easier and LENGTHEN the life of your
turbo, does not have to pump against a closed throttle....

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From: Brendan Rudack <rudack@umcc.umcc.umich.edu>
To: Gary G. Erickson <erickson@teleport.com>
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Date: Wednesday, January 28, 1998 11:48 AM
Subject: Re: bypass valve presure openings

>On Wed, 28 Jan 1998, Gary G. Erickson wrote:
>> There is a gentleman here in the NW that has used such a valve to
>> eliminate the wastegate in his turbo 4kq conversion.  While, it works
>> for the purpose, it can be quite loud and, IMO, more suited to a car
>> that is a track toy than a daily driver.
>If you eliminate the wastegate and dump boost "overboard"(in essence,
>reducing any resistance acting on the compressor), wouldn't the turbo
>overspeed and puke its guts???  Just a thought...  WRT to the atmosphere
>dump-valve, they can make an oily mess as well as cooking 02 sensor/cats.
>Brendan Rudack
>Fenton, Michigan USA
>MC motor, lotsa parts, and some wheels...