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Re: 5kcstq Power Seat (Barcalounger?) Flexing

> In the rear tracks, there is a small wedge (spacer) of metal which slides
> along the track along with the peg(which locates the seat). On my car, it
> seemed to be held in only by friction, with no notable hardware. It was,
> at some point, left behind by the seat in its travels. This resulted in a
> rocking much like a seat with loose bolts. Line it up and lever it into
> the miniscule gap with a screwdriver. If this is the problem, you'll
> notice this piece of metal somewhere along the track. Hope that's the
> culprit.

As soon as you said "rocking" it appeared we may not have the same
symptoms. BY rocking, you mean the looseness is in a forward-to-
backward direction (known as 'pitch' in 3-space motion terms)?
My problem is that the seat seems to sway from left to right in
the rear, but remains stationary in the front. 

OTOH, if the latter is exactly what you were experiencing, then
I'll look at the rails more closely.

> Oh, and how did the seat get the Barcalounger tag? I know it's not
> horribly well bolstered...

I'm a rebel without a clue; I'm just asumming from past posts that
the car had two seat options: the sport seats, which these are not
(they look nothing like the Recaro-knock-offs Audi used for many
years), and the Barcas.

There's a 100 at the boneyard with seats that look a bit different;
the driver's seat has a built-in arm rest. They are the platinum 
leather like mine. The seat bottoms do look differen from mine,
but still don't quite look like what I would call a sports seat.


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