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Annual hibernation...

Despite my efforts to resubscribe to the Quattro list after it crashed, I
have been unsuccessful ... it doesn't matter, though, as the tax season's
starting to get busy and it's about time to begin my annual hibernation.  I
will still be checking my email regularly so if anyone needs to get in touch
with me, drop me a note.

An update on my Ur-Q: After jet-cleaning, it was discovered my Ur-Q's head
has FIVE(!) cracks in it not the two I'd originally noticed ... obviously,
there's no point in welding it up when it's that far gone, collectibility be
damned.  (Of course, I *will* save all the original pieces as you never know
with these things...)

So, I've decided it's going to get a new motor ... right now, I'm leaning
toward adapting the 10:1 NF motor out of my wrecked '87 5k to improve its
pathetic off-boost behavior but I'm still researching my options.  Any BTDT
will certainly be appreciated...

I've also decided it's going to get the RS2 turbo and Graydon's 3" downpipe
along with all the other goodies I've been assembling over the past year ...
for better or worse, my 200q is definitely in danger of becoming Paula's
permanent daily-driver so there's little point in tinkering with it any
further until she gets a car for herself.  (I am semi-seriously looking for
a clean 4kq so if anyone knows of any that are priced-right &  located
within 500 miles of Phoenix, let me know!)

Lastly, I have finally started copying the 200q parts fiche and hope to have
it completed within the next two weeks or so ... I'll post a note with the
details once it's done.  If everything goes as planned, I will also make
copies of the 80/90q soon afterwards.

Everyone behave themselves while I'm away ... if all goes well, I should be
back shortly after April 15th! :^)

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