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Moron's Corner AM/FM Reception 90Q

Straight and simple...but apparently not for me....

CD/Player AM/FM Eclipse 5331 goes back in tomorrow.
There are two antenna connections.
One rear (AM?)
One front (FM?)
One amplified (FM?)
Problem: Y-antenna adapter first folks put in yields no AM and just OK FM
reception....is this because the FM amplifier just provides white noise to
the AM when wires are combined?

Is there some kind of adapter/switch available to combine the two antennas
into the one receptacle on the CD player that will let me hear AM?  I am
being told "No" by the "experts."  The car is a 90-90Q20v....not the Fuba
antenna like the coupe.

Thanks in Advance,

Paul "Rings of Torture" Royal

PS: Why do I want AM?  I commute to Boston, home of the "Big Dig", the most
expensive public works (pork) project in the history of the United States.
Don't even try...yes, more expensive than the Panama Canal even when you
adjust for inflation...things like the Hoover Dam don't  even come close.
For those that don't know about it, we're getting some nice new tunnels, a
road or two, and some bushes
for our money.  Traffic reports and updates actually have relevance these
days. :-(