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turbo cam in N/A 5K

(Had no responses on this last time, so I'm trying again)

Special request for Ned Ritchie (aside from please don't go away) - 

Comment was made here that you made a definitive statement that the turbo
cam was a good value for money upgrade for non-turbo 5K engines.

Could you elaborate on that slightly? I have an 86 5K 5 speed, runs fine,
but I'd like a little more poke. Which cam is best: equivalent year turbo?
Later year - which model?

What differences will I notice - better all around (dream on, Mike), no
bottom end, better top end, or reverse, worse gas mileage, lumpy idle, mix
of above?

What I'd really like is about 150-160 HP with the same docility,
reliability and drivability as I have now. (Yeah, I know those words are
not usually used in conjunction with older Audi's, but believe me, you'd me
AMAZED at the stuff some people drive, completely oblivious to all kinds of
problems and critical safety issues!)

Tell me how to get from here to there. I'm even willing to spend some money
to do so.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman