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Re: Part Deux - Euro driving tips

stephane valici wrote:

> So 3-4 cm from your rear, right, we love to drive fast, we get 2
> lanes,
> sometime 3, you stay on the left lane at 60 MPH because you're a
> tourist
> but 80% of people here do the same, so move your ass to the right lane
> nobody will drive 3-4 cm far from your rear ;).

Stephanie,Sorry Steph, you're wrong.  Unlike many Americans who think
the LH lane is
for normal driving, I stay right unless passing and practiced this
while driving in you beautiful country.  Admittedly, driving in France
restricted to a quick run from Geneva on E25 south to Sallanches, where
exited onto N212, a two lane road with switchbacks as we climbed in
It was on N212 that I encountered an example of French tailgating.  Two
in a 198? Escort with some bolt-on retro driving lights decided to "do
thing" through the switchbacks.  Mind you the Deutsche license on the A3

mighta had something to do with it, but as I accellerated beyond the
limit, up to 90 in some straight areas, (and yeah, I coulda' lost em if
I wanted to
but that would have been reckless) these two kept at it.  That's just
flat out
dangerous.  After 2-3km of this nonsense, we reached a siding where I
over to let them go by.  When mentioning this to Pam's sister, and
ex-pat who
has lived in France for 30 years, she explained driving instruction in
includes the fine art of tailgating, no matter what line you're in.

> think Italian worst ? beware i myself french with italian name and a
> german car :>

Potent combination, be careful.

> Yeah you're right even in Aspen you could not find a so nice place
> like
> French/Swiss Alps !

No insult meant, but you might wanna try Jackson Hole, WY or
Breckenridge, CO.

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