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Re: UFO Repair Question

 # Although it is moot to my vehicles, I wonder whether UFOs could be 
 # repaired by flame spraying the braking surfaces until their original 
 # thickness was restored.  Then precision grinding could be used to make 
 # the plane of the braking surfaces parallel to the mounting face.  
 # Would the cost of doing this exceed the replacement cost?
While that sounds very exciting, I doubt that it would work.  Unlike 
rotors on just about any other vehicle, the UFOs are not a single 
piece.  The rotor itself is mounted to a spider that looks quite a 
bit like a cheesy steel wheel from through the basket weave BBSs.  
I'd think you'd have to disassemble the UFO assembly to be able to 
attempt to rebuild them.  

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)