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Re: Removing Windshield

> Anyway, I want to pull the window myself, fix the rust spots and have
> a glass shop put a new one in.  Ant BTDTs on removing the windshield
> _without_ special VW tool XXXX?

Not really, sort of.  When I put in the windsheild from my parts car I
paid a guy $100 to come and do it it.  broke out the old one, got the
parts car one out without breaking it, and put it in my car.  Don't
think he used any "VAG" tools but he may have had a few special
tricks/tools I didn't see.

If you like this route you could call some local glass places and see
who does this.  I'm sure they would split the two steps in time for you.

Huw Powell

"my brain only hurts when I step on it"


82 (+/-) Audi Coupe