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F/S Strut Bar fits all

 I just rec. 3 frt strut bars for my QTC. Only need one.
These bars fit all 4K,Coupes,Quatrro 4K and Coupes,80 and 90,80&90Qs and
20v. All you have to do is move your cruise control moduel.On 20v you
also have to shift the fuel lines over no big deal.
 They fit around the batt. and brakes with no alterations.I am sure of
this because I own a QTC and Coupe Quattro and Coupe GT.
 These bars are fully adjustable and polished aluminum.Look great.
If you want one call or Email privte.   $165.00 per bar.
 These bars were sent to me by relative in Germany. I am in TX USA.
He said they were hard to get last in stock so he decided to send me
3 thinking I wanted one on each car.
  Rick: sincatx@airmail.net or 972 641-4778 hm after 7:30pm central