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Importing cars to US?

Almost no-one does it, so I guess that it's absolutely insane, but I 
hear from time to time of someone going to Europe to pick up a car.  
What's involved?  Is it illegal?  Do you have to puck up a car made 
for shipment to the USA?  'Cos I could sure use an A6 Avant Quattro 
TDI, if it had a real transmission (6-speed doesn't sound too bad!).  
Not that I would really do it, but I'm just curious, and the selection 
of Audis here is so bad that I had to get an 8-year old one to get 
what I wanted at all...  And I'm told that there will never be a TDI 
Quattro Passat wagon here either.  And I think 6-speeds cause cancer 
or something.
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