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RE: driving experiences: usa

You are SO lucky you aren't dead. I assume you weren't in New Hampshire,
because they would have shot you dead before you got your foot out the door.

- Rob

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> well my first real experience of driving in the states what when i was
> working for this 'merican multination based around boston and had to go
> visit intergallactic headquaters for a month doing some evaluation and
> testing stuff...
> teamed up with an aussi (yeah i know), one saturday and went exploring
> up towards maine.  had a little passport radar detector with me and got
> a hit, slowed down while a state trooper came the other way.  he did a
> 'u' and hit the lights.  i was driving, and so pulled over, got out of
> the car and headed back to talk to the plod (as you do back in godzone).
>  as i approached the patrol car, both doors flew open, the two plods
> dived out, rolled on the ground and screamed at me while pointing guns
> in my general direction...
> i stopped and waved my hands in the air.  quickly.
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q
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> >> What do our Eur
> >opean friends think of driving in the States?
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