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Re: Dunlop SP-8000s NLA!

Those would be the SP9000s as I understand it:

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Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 11:42:57 -0800
From: Alex Rosser <lxrosser@arachno.ugcs.caltech.edu>
Subject: Re: Dunlop SP-8000s NLA! 

In message <199801291244.HAA07376@camel7.mindspring.com>you write:
> Fortunately, Tire Rack had three left so I snapped them up.  They also
> confirmed the SP-8000 has been discontinued and only have their stock left
> to sell...

That's bad news. Any idea what the replacement tire is, and if it's still a
good wet/dry performance street tire? I know when they "replaced" the D60,
became a significantly less performance, and much more "street" tire.

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