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Re: Silver Key Ring

Unka Bart <mendicant@buddhist.com> wrote:

> I seem to recall from sometime in '96, someone on the list was going to
> make a batch of Silver Key Rings in the 4-rings logo, but alas, I don't
> recall who.
> On the off-chance that one or more might still be available, I'd like to
> buy one or two.
> My apologies to the rest of you good folks and my thanks in advance if this
> bears fruit,

Unca Bart,

Carlsen was selling a keychain that sounds similar to what you
describe.  It looked to be a metal casting of the 4 rings attached to a
short chain with a large ring for your keys. The metal looked pretty
sturdy.  There was no leather backing, just the rings.  The price was
under $10.  Every time I'm in there, I almost buy one, but my 90Q key
currently is attached to a nice, sentimental metal Alfa fob...


Steve Valin		sjv@netapp.com         408.367.3566