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FINAL: Wheel and Tire

In message <19980129220149.4545.rocketmail@web1.rocketmail.com> twain mein writes:

> So I took the A4 into the body shop this morning to
> have them look at the wheel/tire and suspension.
> Turns out the alignment is alright.

I find it _very_ hard to believe that an event which could danage a rim results 
in zero effects on alignment.
I think it depends on your view of "alright".  Did the shop use a laser (or 
other optical) alignment rig?  It takes around 90 minutes to prep a quattro for 
a proper alignment measurement - the wheel rigs have to be fitted and 
individually spun to zero out systematic errors, the axles have to be lifted 
and relaxed, with each wheel on a separate turntable, etc.

You should, at the end of the process, have a printout of the actuals versus 
the set nominals for the model.  Then _YOU_ can judge what is "alright" and 
what is not.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club