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Re: audi 90 steering wheel

Corroding?  Isn't the wheel leather wrapped?

Well that's beside the point.

Anyway I've found that a great way to to speed things up at my dealer is
to call the service manager *every day* and ask if whatever piece is
there yet.  Now he schedules vacations every time I take the car there
(less often now) but really you just have to irritate the heck out of

Maybe that's why they do such shoddy work on my car?


"Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling
( Westley, "The Princess Bride" )

Trey Gaylord wrote:
> i have a 1995 90csq that is still under the new car warranty. my
> steering wheel has been corroding on the top of it. i think it is from
> the oils in my hands. anyway, they have ordered me a new one but say
> that it is on back order. it has been over 2 months. i just cannot
> believe that a steering wheel is not available somewhere. any advice?
> thanks,
> trey