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RE: driving experiences: usa

> teamed up with an aussi (yeah i know), one saturday and went exploring
> up towards maine.  had a little passport radar detector with me and got
> a hit, slowed down while a state trooper came the other way.  he did a
> 'u' and hit the lights.  i was driving, and so pulled over, got out of
> the car and headed back to talk to the plod (as you do back in godzone).
>  as i approached the patrol car, both doors flew open, the two plods
> dived out, rolled on the ground and screamed at me while pointing guns
> in my general direction...

It used to not only be OK to do this, it was recommended if you 
didn't want the cops messing around inside your car.

Since then, the value of a police officer's life has been elevated to 
a more important status than that of everyday citizens.

After all, it's MUCH more important to find that contraband you're
hiding in your car than it is for you to continue enjoying the fruits
of life and liberty.

hating the sin and not the sinner (and therefore the occupation not 
the occupation holder),
doug q

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