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RE: S4 vs. A6/S6

At 09:01 PM 1/29/1998 EST, you wrote:

Is the S6 going to come here for sure.  I currently have a 96 A6Q and have
decided to buy an A8 because I have given up on the S6.  If you know for
sure it is coming please let me know.



96 A6Q (forsale)
84 5K (forsale)

>any thoughts from anyone on purchasing of a NEW '99 S4 vs. a A6 or S6? 
>Also, any recent owner experiences with the current 1998 A6?
>Seriously considering the purchase of an a4/s4/a6/s6 sometime in the near
>future.  Currently own a '98 gls FWD passat.  Its okay, but its not an Audi.