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Re: Patching a SS muffler

>> 	You need to go to a welding shop that has a TIG welder.   That 
>> should be an easy welding job.  20 - 30 bux likely.
>You can also find a person with an ARC welder (much more common). 
> ARC welder also welds SS. You just have to buy SS rods unless 
>that person already has them.  

I have a TIG welder, ARC welder, and stainless rods at home but I figure 
I am not to close to you. Possibly check some of your freinds? You maybe 
be suprised. Like stated above, it shouldn't be that hard... but I am 
not sure if it would work that well or not, as I am not qualified to 
have any idea. 

Hope you find someone
Keith Fahlgren

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