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Ice Racing/Time Trials

Hey New England Quattrophiles, check it!!

On the heels of the successful Apple Hill Snow Rallycross comes the
Pittsfield Winter Carnival Ice Time Trials! The two day event, Saturday
February 14 and Sunday February 15, is sanctioned by the Killington
SportsCar Club. Come for one day or come for both! It will be on Onota
Lake in Pittsfield MA, about 25 minutes off of Exit 2 on the Mass
	The course will be a minimum of a mile long and a maximum of a mile and
a half. If we can get enough quattros to the event, we can have a class
of our own, so mark your Calenders... besides, the BMWCCA Ice Races will
probably be cancelled _yet again_ 8*)
check the Pittsfield Winter Carnival/Ice Races web page for info--

btw- the site may still indicate that the time trials were on Jan. 24/25
but pay no atttention to it! That event was cancelled and the cold temps
that have recently hit the Pittsfield area have made the conditions at
Onota Lake great for the 14/15 of February!

See you there!
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