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Re: S4 vs. A6/S6

Just visited Prestige, the Audi dealer in Denver, today. They had a ton of
A6's & A4's (especially a pair of black beauties 1.8 and 2.8). Spoke with a
very knowledgeable individual who mentioned the S4 coming in a year with 261
bhp, he's taken deposits on 25 of them already. We spoke about an S version
of the new A6 twin turbo Vs. V8 and he said the word is still out on whether
we will get an S version of the A6 at all, much less any discussion on what
it will be motivated by.

Couple of random shots:
The Xenon lights are know available on the A6 as part of the safety package.

We discussed an all aluminum version of the new S4 (a la A8) and he said he
highly doubted if we will ever see any of the high volume (relatively) Audis
in all aluminum given the fact that there are only 4 bodyshops in the
country that are certified to do work on the A8.

They also had two twin turbo 911's and 4 boxsters GORGEOUS!

Nice selection of new and pre-owned.

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>Is the S6 going to come here for sure.  I currently have a 96 A6Q and have
>decided to buy an A8 because I have given up on the S6.  If you know for
>sure it is coming please let me know.