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Proprtioning valve & ABS

Well I'm moving along on the brake upgrade on the '93 S4. I'm going from
bone stock to 911 twin turbo calipers (4 piston "big reds") & 13 inch
Coleman cross drilled rotors front, stainless steel lines all around, cross
drilled rear rotors (stock diameter & caliper), textar pads all the way
around, an adjustable proportioning valve, with ATE super blue rounding out
the package. Since I'll need to go with 17" wheels to clear the front
brakes, I'm leaning towards TSW Trophys 17 x 8, with 245/40-17's. Haven't
decided whether I'm going with Potenza S-02's or SP Sport 9000's.

I will post measurements of 60 to 0 mph braking distances as measured from
my gtechpro for A) stock brakes, wheels & tires, B) stock brakes, 17" wheels
& tires, C) upgraded brakes, 17" wheels & tires, if anyone is interested.

I do have several questions:

I am installing the adjustable proportioning valve to keep the correct brake
balance between front and rear braking forces, such that neither the fronts
nor rears lock up first. I set up a 914-6 with 3.3 liter turbo brakes, but I
did not have to contend with ABS. So my first question is how do I ascertain
lock up front Vs. rear when the ABS system intervenes during testing? I am
mostly curious about this, as the point may be moot as I will obviously go
with the proportioning setting that yields the shortest stopping distances
as measured on the gtechpro. I am kind of curious though.

I like the TSW Trophy's because they are reminiscent of the 911 Carrera
wheel. Besides the Kinesis Motorsport Super Cup wheel, does anyone know of
any other wheels that look similar to the Porsche wheel?

I am leaning towards the S-02's only because I have experience with them,
any thoughts on these versus the 9000's? I haven't seen any recent articles
pitting high performance tires against each other recently, but I know they
are out there somewhere.

I am excited about the braking possibilities as well as the aesthetic
enhancement this new setup will provide. Very RS2'ish, if you will. Any
other comments or suggestions would be appreciated.