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84 4000Q?

I'm in the process of buying an 84 4KQ.  I've got a few thousand questions,
I think, but I just wanted to get some insight from this list about the
cars.  The one I am buying is in rough exterior shape, but seems
mechanically sound.  I am buying it through a shop whom I trust very much -
it is a customer's car, I was looking, he was selling, should pick it up
tomorrow.  I drive an 84 Rabbit GTI currently - it was initially a fun
streetcar, then a dual purpose street/autocross car, now it has slipped
into the realm of "impractical."  The 84 4k is very similar in a lot of
respects - I am familiar with the ignition/injection, if I open the hood
and stand on the driver's side, it looks familiar, at least until I start
counting plugwires, at which point I get a headache;).  It has a clunky
strut bearing, I believe, or possibly a CV joint.  Not too worried about
that.  Door locks don't work, but I expected that - the windows do work,
most of the doorhandles have been replaced.  I could not figure out how to
get the trunk open.  Any insights on stuck trunks?  The key turns, the
button pushes in easily - should the slot be horizontal or vertical when
unlocked?  Rabbits are horizontal when unlocked, for some reason I think
the Audi is backwards(like the engine, heh).

Anything in particular go wrong with these cars?  It runs beautifully,
seems very solid.  The diff locks have been repaired in the past 20k or so
- what goes wrong there?  Vacuum servo or something?  The lights come on,
but I did not drive it on loose surfaces, and I did not want to drive
someone else's car on dry pavement with the diffs locked.  Hmmm.  Guess
that's it for now.  What's a good way to get more power out of it cheaply?
Exhaust?  Anyone know what size throttle body these have?  A common change
on Rabbits is to take the larger 85 Golf throttle body & put it on the
Rabbit - anything like this out there for the 4k?  I don't want to spend
thousands on this one - already done that on the Rabbit.  The Audi will be
a street car - I'll take care of it, fix what I can, and if cheap, modify
here and there.  Any insights appreciated - I don't know much specifically
about these cars, but I do have a good basic understanding of the car from
my VW experience(I think, maybe this thing only looks the same;).

Boulder CO

PS - is rear toe adjustable?  Any ice racers out there?  I might take it to
Steamboat this weekend, there's an SCCA ice autocross on the Bridgestone
track, and I guess the quattro club is having an event up there this
weekend.  Would a bit of toe out be a good thing on ice?  I'm thinking that
it'd be fastest to run with both diffs locked, and use some toe out to help
get the car sideways.  Thoughts?