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'98 A4q exhaust questions

Hello to all on the list.  I was on here before but have been off for
awhile.  Besides my '88 90q, I now will be driving a '98 A4q 2.8 30v.

My question is with regards to exhaust systems (cat back) for this car.
Does anyone have any experiences with both the stock and aftermarket systems
for this car?

The car will be used for autocrossing, and I'm trying to find a system that
will increase horsepower but not at the expense of torque.  Obviously, I
would prefer an increase in both.

Any help on this would be appreciated!

Ron Bauer
'88 Audi 90 q - daily driver
'72 Porsche 911T (with lots of upgrades)
'98 Audi A4 q 2.8 - not mine, it's a shared car that I'll be autocrossing!