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4k chin spoilers...

Since I received several inquiries yesterday about whether my spare chin
spoiler is for sale -- it's NOT, btw -- I thought I'd remind everybody that
I loaned one of my two to Todd Candey, who in turn made a replica with
fiberglass and is selling them for $125.  He doesn't have email access at
the moment but his telephone no. is (8470 758-0688 and when I talked to him
Wednesday evening, he said he has several available immediately...

This project originally started because I wanted to produce a lightweight
version for the racecar I am/was in the process of building and he has a
business creating composite body parts for Audis and Porsches.  I haven't
seen one yet myself but I understand it's identical to the original except
that he hasn't cut out the openings in the front since not everyone will
want to use them.  (He can also offer them in Kevlar and Carbon Fiber but I
bet the price is quite a bit higher!)

And if you must have an original, be warned that these weren't very common
even when new and it's been over 6 years since the last of them were blown
out by importer ... good luck!
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