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RE: S4 vs. A6/S6

In all likeliness, the A6/S6 will be here. I think demand from dealers
will be too high not to. The S8 may be less likely mostly due to
mechanical lifters and Americans tendency to not maintain their cars
properly. A version with conventional hydraulic lifters may come out, but
it seems unlikely. The A8 is pretty expensive as it is and despite rave
reviews, Audi may still need to test the waters a little before bringing
something even more expensive over. Think about it: 75,000 for a 5000?
That's what some of America still thinks of Audi. Change is coming about
very quickly. The last of the first S6's in Europe and maybe Canada had a
V8 good for 305 horsepower (depending on market and who you're talking
to). This was the + version with the 6 speed. It originally sold side by
side with the 5cylT S6, then replaced it. The new S6 will most likely have
the v8 instead of the 30v v6TT. Just like history has proven, with Audi,
you never know. The v8 mid size car class is getting very interesting. An
s6 would be in very good company:gs400, 540sport, E430sport,STS.It might
actually top the class in comfort, quality, etc., but of course, we won't
know for too damn long because Audi like to lag behind in performance.

'84  5ksT 1.6-2.0 bar

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