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Re: Re: FINAL: Wheel and Tire

>    Phil is absolutely correct (as usual)! Our local Audi dealer spent
> $50,000 on a computerized laser alignment machine specifically to service
> A4's. This was a requirement before Audi would let them offer A4's for sale.
> Boy, you should see those mechanics on a keyboard (painfuuullll!)

Yes, same as my mechanic's shop (AutoBahn Performance in Peabody, MA)
They pride themselves on their expen$ive, and extremely accurate jig.

Infact, their alignment jig is the only one in the area up to standards
to do a Porsche 959. Yup, Ralph Lauren had his personal assistant
_drive_ the Porsche 959, as well as his Ruf Porsche, down to the shop to
get them aligned... And then he took everyone for rides in the 959...
apparently Porsche has a computer update for the 959's which boost power
from a mere 450 to 600+ wheeee!

So what's my point?!? Oh yeah... there are definitely standards for
alignment jigs, and a proper quattro (or Porsche!!!) alignment should
take at least 3+ hours...

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