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Emissions [WAS: Re: A4 IC]

 # In Mass in '96?   Audi couldn't sell the 95.5 S6.  They didn't meet the
 # then new laws.  But you could by the 95.5 in CT.  How about CA?
... actually you could in CA ... that's why they called them 95.5 rather 
than 96 models (to escape OBD-II).  At first it was not clear that they
were going to be accepted, but a sales manager told me he found out 
about the approval in a small article buried in one of their trade rags.
He immediately ordered all that he could, and told me that not a lot of
other dealers were aware that it was possible to get the cars in states 
that have the CA req'ts.  

Its interesting to hear that other states are adopting dynamometer based 
emissions testing ... there's been a bit of a popular backlash to the new 
requirements here in California ... perhaps we aren't even the most 
stringent today ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)