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Pirelli P7000 SuperSport

In my quest for the best 'compromise' tire, the above mentioned Pirelli
has come up as a top recommendation from the Tire Rack and Discount
Tire. Does anyone have any experience with this tire? Supposedly it is a
consumer adaptation of "the tire that won the 1995 Monte Carlo world
rally champioinship". FWIW.

I am concerned with the life of the tread at the edges, as I always wear
this part first. The Comp TA VR/4s I have on the car currently have a
very flat tread plane; they meet the sidewall at a much sharper angle
than many others, which has helped keep more of the tread on the road
and prevented premature sidewall wear.

The Pirellis are more rounded at the edge, and while they have a "long
tread life" I would really like to hear from anyone who has used these
tires. Also still in consideration are the Dunlop SP4000 A/S. Everyone
seems to have good things to say about them.