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Re: Shifting


Actually, I have a related problem on my 86 4ks' shifter linkage; the portion
under the car.  There's (apparently, normally) some sort of bushing that mounts,
via some sort of bolt, through an eye on the end of the linkage rod.  I went
to the dealer and they gave me a bushing, cheaply too.  When I got home, I
realized it was for the other end of the rod.  The bushing was a white nylon
one of roughly top-hat shape.  Its meant for the end that looks to lock down
on some sort of ball joint.  Anyway, the dealer says the system no longer has
parts available separately for the end I need, and was just luck to get the
piece that I did  (which, who knows, maybe I will need some day)  I've 
temporarily rigged something up from the mounting eye bushings from an old
motorcycle shock, but would love to get the real thing.

Any ideas Huw?  My dealer has been wrong before.  I tried to get touch up
paint and they said it was NLA.  After getting the exact p/n from the list,
they were able to get it.  They're definitely not Audi knowledgeable.

So, how hard is it to come up with a fiche?  I'm starting to want one.


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