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Re: Moron's Delight AM/FM in 90-90Q20v

That's b/c the rear antenna is the only one with am reception. You must use the
rear antenna if you want am. the front is fm only, the rear is am/fm.



harrison wrote:

> I have the same problem with AM reception, but it's only been a problem when
> the world series was on. Other than that, I cannot think of a use for AM.
> harrison
> Paul_Royal@idx.com wrote:
> > CD Player hooked into front antenna only...AM sucks but it works enuf for
> > now.
> > Thanks for the tips and help.  Gave myself a damn headache this morning
> > listening (oooops, I mean banging my head) to Green Day.
> > Viva la Rock 'N' Roll
> >
> > Rings of Torture