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959 (No Audi Content)

Steven Buchholz wrote:

> ... I don't question that the shop has equipment for doing 959s, but I
> do wonder if Ralph Lauren has one that he takes out on the street.  If
> that is actually true you might want to keep your mouth shut ... you
> should have seen the ruckus that ensued after someone wrote a letter in
> AutoWeek saying that they tried to catch up with one they saw crossing
> the Golden Gate Bridge!
> The DOT made an example of the 959 for some reason.  They were not even
> allowed to be used on race tracks!  I've heard that there are a couple
> here in the states, but they are never allowed on the roads ... which
> is a major shame!
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)

Mike Del Tergo wrote:

> Didn't realize Ralph had cars in NorthEast, most of his stuff does the 
> west coast circuit
> WRT 959 Legality, If Bill Gates can't get his 959 out of the DOT 
> impound, gotta wonder how Ralph's is on the road.  Course how many East 
> Coast stateys would know the diff between a 959 and many of the other 
> 911 variations of which one of deep pockets could just swap the reggies!
> Mike

Correction: Ralph Lauren has a 959 which he _pays_ someone to drive ;) I
even have pictures to prove it!
Ralph Lauren apparently stores much of his collection in the Boston
area... I have even heard rumors that this is where he stores his SLR as
Anyway, they car is licensed to drive on US roads... I don't know the
specifics of the deal, however Mr. Lauren's associate stated that Mr.
Lauren, along with two fellow 959 owners posted a bond "around a million
dollars" to the DOT or some other such government institution in order
to federalize their cars.
Who knows how he did it, the point is that Ralph Lauren gets to drive
around in a 959  and has no qualms about it... infact, he seems to be so
relaxed with the whole matter that he gave all of the guys at the shop
rides in the thing...

btw- sorry to start this thread and for the lack of Audi content, my
intention was only to share an anecdote about a pretty amazing car on a
pretty amazing alignment jig...
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