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RE: windshield pitting

Phil Rose said:
>I wondered if Audi glass more susceptible to this  (pitting) than others?
>once I had noticed this on my Audis, I looked carefully at the glass on our
>'96 Explorer (20K miles) and I could see a bit of the same sort of pitting
>there as well.
>What causes this--assuming we don't live in sandstorm areas of the world?
>Bugs? Road salt? Acid rain? Speeds in excess of ??? mph?

Phil, you might not live in a sandstorm but (especially during the winter)
you windshield does.  The crud thrown on your windshield during the winter
when you are driving on the interstate is like having a blower throwing
sand at the front of the car/windshield with about a minimum of a 120 mile
per hour blaster behind it!  Its a wonder to me that they stand up as long
as they do!