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Re: WTB: Blower heat/AC

Someone was recently talking about using a pre-climate control blower
in a climate control car.  Easier to find one that is in good shape
they don't run all the time.  You might want to check into that.  I think
they got it out of an 83 5K.

Also, I got your money order today.  I'll get the sending unit out to
you ASAP.  I'll throw in a gasket if I have a good one.

Paul Anderson: Private email AndersonPaul@juno.com

On Fri, 30 Jan 1998 14:48:14 +1000 Mark Sousa <mps@netpci.com> writes:
>90 200T
> Does anyone have a used blower for sale? I have to tap mine every
>now and then for it to come on. I guess it is a sign that it will soon
>this earth, or is there a fix to this? Thanks.
>Please send responses to my address, I did not yet re-subscribe to
>the list.

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