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Re: espn2 autobahn (audi?) show now!

> Right now on espn2 is some show on the autobahn, and I have been watching
> it and they have shown NOTHING but audis!  The "showcased" car is a FAST
> 91 200 TQ as far as I can tell, and they have had some great shots of some
> FAR OUT audi rally cars.

the show is "Secrets of Speed", a series shown on espn2 at sporadic
times and dates... usually when they need a half hour or so to kill.
This particular episode was filmed in 1991. It was a feature on Audis,
the Autobahn, Early Audi touring cars and Hans Stuck... It told revealed
much on european driving (not this _again_... :) Some great footage of
Hans Stuck driving various Audi touring cars, most notably the v8DTM car
as well as the type 44 and 90 touring cars as well as footage of some
sport Q's rallying... 
for a bulk of the program, it shows stucky driving his v8q (5-speed, no
less) on the Autobahn at insane speeds (around 260-270 km/h) while he
talks about driving fast...  a very cool program indeed.
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