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Re: CQ Tahrs

>From: harrison <hsapir@multiverse.com>
>First of all, I would like to claim the cheap crown. My tires come off
>wrecks in my salvage yard. But to the point, my current tires are the
>Michelin MXV4s and as far as cheap tires go (which they definately are)
>they aren't that bad.

Oh yes they are. Phooey. I had a set of these on my 200 and couldn't wait
to peel them off. They *sucked*. They felt like rental car tires.

>They have lasted about 5000 miles now without significant wear like most
of my tires show at about this age.

You'll wish they wore more quickly. They are designed to be a long lasting
tire...with the resultant lack of traction. My Hakkas handle better than
they did!

Just my .02


Lee Levitt
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