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Who's red 4kq in Incline Village today?

OK, this has to be a Q-lister that waved to me in Incline Village this
afternoon...on Country Club drive up by Mt. Rose highway around 2:30 pm
today (I was driving back from a day of skiing at Diamond Peak).  I was
in the other red 4kq that you waved to =).  It was rather interesting as
I said to myself, "cool another red 4kq...ooooh, wait Euro lights" then
the owner waved to me and I waved back...even before the owner waved, I
knew it HAD to be an Audi nut...sure enough =)  Today was just a good
Audi spotters day in Incline Village...1 '95 dark green S6 sedan, 3 '91
200TQ's (two silver, one gold/bronze), 2 '89 200QW's, 1 '91 Pearl CQ
(shod with steel wheels and studded snows), 4 V8Q's, 4 A8Q's,  1 100CSQ,
1 gray 100CSQW, 2 red S4's, and a couple dozen 4kq's and 5ktq's thrown
in for good measure.  I love this town!! =)

sorry for the bw