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Any reports of 98 A4 driveline shudder?

Hi all.

A friend of mine is looking into the purchase of a 98 A4 30v.

Have there been any reports of the A4 driveline shudder with the 
newer models?  He asked me if I was aware of any potential 
problems with the model and I told him that I wasn't sure.....

He is currently trying to decide between a beautiful red (inside and 
out!), classy A4 and a...um....an  LR arucA.  (Don't ask.....even I don't


The only thing he didn't like about the A4 were the very tight  back 
seats.  (Those are back seats???? And all this time I thought they 
were X-large cup holders.....)

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.



96 A4q

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