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Re: S6 coming to Amerika

I have been told by a local Audi dealer that the S6 is coming to the USA in
2000 or late 99, and retail for around $50K.

I have not been able to confirm this anywhere else, but there is a lot of Audi
news information on the net that I have not yet seen.  I also have asked
Jamie, one of the editors of vwvortex.com.  Perhaps somebody else out there
monitoring the list will know.

Another interesting possibility may be to upgrade the 30V performance.  I
don't know about chipsets and the like for this motor, but I assume something
is available.

Apparently the S4 as shown the FEB. C&D will have only the 6 speed manual.
The ed. said there is no automatic  powerful enough for the 300 ft/lbs of
torque.  What about the transmission in the A8? Also , what about the TT 30V6
in the S6? who knows?

It seems to me that the a6 is a step beyond the a8 in some ways.  It does not
have the all aluminum skin like the a8 but the rest of the car design seems
more advanced (perhaps.)

Also the S6 would have the 40V v8, I don't know what the last word is on
putting that into the A8/S8 platform, but I gotta assume if its going into the
S6 its in the S8.