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Rothenburg Extraction - Part III

Hi All!

Since I got my driver license in my '72 Bug, proceeding to my FIRST NEW
CAR, the '78 Scirocco and everything since and  in between, I have
always had good success in modifying the audio systems.  Heck, even
Merkurs are pieces of cake.

My '88 5KTQ 10-speaker system has just about driven me to despair.  It's
not like I want to make the system BETTER...it's just that I would like
to have sound of ANY quality emanate from all 10 speakers (or 9 of 'em

The magic of this list has already got a rear booster on its way to
solve one of my woes.  All that remains...and to me this is a big one,
as I have got 20+ hours into the quest.... is....


I have removed every sort of fascia, panel, carpet and shroud.  STILL
can't find the reason why the LF dash and the Woof/Tweet door speakers
are silent.

I realise that this doesn't quite rate with deeper and more serious
inquiries on this august list, but for sake of one lonely soul's sanity,
please, if anyone can tell me where to to find this
left-front-Holy-Grail of a Crossover (whew, lot's of in that, eh?)  by
the grace of the Almighty, I pray thee, show me the way/



PS. Sorry about any real or perceived continental grammar or spelling.
Too much time spent on Haynes.