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Re: Discontinued Dunlops

frankbauer@thevine.net wrote:

> i ordered a set of d40m2's from tire rack last week and asked that
> specific question.   they knew nothing about the d40's being
> discontinued.

Well, FWIW, I was in the shop tonight putting a set of D60's on my old
roommate's car, and asked my little hole-in-the-wall tire dealer about
it, and he confirmed (corroberated??) the story.

According to their distributor, with the SP8K being such a popular tire
and the SP9K coming onto the market, Dunlop saw no reason to keep a
third, older technology tire on the sales rack.

He's supposed to be calling Dunlop directly for me next week to see if
he can find out anything additional.  5:30PST was too late to get any
useful information today.



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